Different types of wood animal crafts as toys for gifting and decor

Making craft items is an interesting and relaxing hobby for people of all ages since it keeps them engrossed in the work. While there are many different types of crafts for children, one of the most popular option is making wood animals crafts. Animals have fascinated children and adults for centuries, and most people enjoy watching animals. So making hand crafted animals is a interesting hobby worldwide. Depending on the resources like raw material available available, age of the person and skills, different kinds of hand crafted animals can be made.

The simplest kind of wooden animal craft can be made by joining the different pieces of wood to take the shape of the animal. For this wooden sticks of different sizes are required, which can be collected from the branches, twigs of the trees and plants in the area. Glue can be used to stick the various wood pieces together to form the wooden animal. The animal is then painted in the color of the animal, to make it look more realistic. The painted animal is then dried before the wood craft animal is used for decor, as a toy for younger children or for gifting to others.

Another kind of wood animal craft can be made by cutting out the animal shape from a flat wooden board. More skills, supplies and tools are required, since a wooden board is required, on which the different animal shapes will be drawn. The thickness of the board will vary, depending on the availability. While animals made from a thicker board, can be made to stand alone in some cases, it will also be more difficult to cut these animals out. A knife may be sufficient for cutting the animals from a thinner wooden board, while a hacksaw or other tools may be required to cut a thicker wooden board. These animals may be painted if required.

The most sophisticated wood animals-crafts involves carving the animal out of a block or piece of wood. This requires a high level of skill, since each part of the animal has to be carefully carved out in the shape of the real animal. Depending on the size of the animal required, a block of wood of suitable size has to be used. Carving the animal can be a time consuming process, especially if the animal is very realistic or larger in size. The carver has to be careful since a mistake can result in the wood being wasted. After the carving is complete, the animal is usually painted. It is then used for home decor or other purposes.

One of the more popular wood-animals crafts involves supplying the wood animals in puzzle form. The body of the wood animals is supplied in the form of pieces and the buyer is expected to assemble the pieces together to form the complete animal. Instructions for assembly are provided along with the puzzle pieces. This can be an interesting gift for younger children and it will keep them engrossed. The animal should be selected based on the preferences of the child who will receive the puzzle wood animal.

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