Making The Wooden Animal Ornaments

Products From Woods

People can search the information easily from internet. Typical products from each area are different, so they do it based on local wisdoms, customs and cultures. They use miscellaneous woods to make the products, like teak, mahogany, bamboos, balsa, ebony, and other woods whose good quality. Those woods are decent for making wooden animal ornaments as well.


People really know that handicrafts are made from woods mostly, including wooden animal ornaments. Some countries have different styles for making them. Invention, innovation, creativity, interest, talent, and willing to learn new things pertain to wooden animal ornaments are very indispensable. All countries and regions have unique – typical products from woods. We can make study exchange or making comparison for one another. We don’t look for the foibles of their products, neither do they, but we should interact in win – win solution.

The Wood Waste For Handicrafts

All of waste of wood waste used to be totally banished. It’s not like that anymore recently. Some handymen really have idea, and creativity to make these wood waste to be worthwhile, including wooden animal ornaments. Those handymen collect the banished wood waste from all regions to make good handicrafts, sculptures, and especially wooden animal ornaments. They add and converting the value for the wood waste.

Wooden Animal Ornaments

There are some kinds of ornaments as well, and those are different. They make jewelleries like bracelets, necklaces, ear rings, hairpins and etc. Then, they also make wooden animal ornaments like the head of buffalo, cats, fish, lion, and etc. They occasionally make one product without any replicants, so the product will be very expensive. Some of handymen also make the handicrafts and ornaments only by orders. The products are frequently sold in exhibition, and fortunately the products are very well known, and money making. The buyers are not from Indonesia only, but they are from foreign countries too.

Some handymen in Yogyakarta also make galleries of animal ornaments, like horses, phoenix, lions, tigers, and etc. There aren’t only small ornaments, but the big ones are also available. They sell the small ones as special souvenirs. The wooden animal ornaments can be sculpted on wooden wall, wooden doors, handle of stairs, and etc. Those animal ornaments are very compelling. The handymen can emboss and engrave them in certain fabrics too. As handymen, and carpenters, they don’t find impediments in making, producing, and marketing. They only find difficulty in obtaining raw materials. They sometimes reject the orders, because they are lack of raw materials. In facts, the orders from anywhere flow incessantly.

The Conclusion

A handyman can shape any animal patterns for his wooden animal ornaments. These are not only for decorations. This can be trendsetter for the young generation. This is not only just dispensing somebody’s endeavour, but a talent, interest, hobby, and passion. The idea, creativity and sense of art play important roles here. He can explore and exploit his best in wood handicraft, especially in making wooden animal ornament. He and his allies can even make galleries and workshops to display their hands made. This will be better, if this is integrated with business, but they must have professional management. Wooden animal ornaments are also very convincing business.



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