What is the role and value of crafts

Answer 1:

Traces – traces of handmade products.  why do people like these traces?  it is because these hand-made traces are difficult to pre-design, there are many uncertain factors and many imperfections, and excellent hand-makers can control these traces just right, making them extremely It enriches the beauty of the craft itself.

Answer 2:

If it is a general hand craft work, its unique value lies mainly in the original ecological texture. Unlike the machines produced and processed, handcrafted items tend to be more vivid,  and human, giving a sense of intimacy. If it is a special DIY handmade craft, its unique value is that the unique experience gained in the DIY process which is not available for direct purchase.  you will add your own creativity, preferences, etc., and the constant failure and success in the production process will exercise your patience, care and perseverance. Looking at the work from the first raw materials into the final finished product, just like a mother who cultivates her children,there will be a very good sense of accomplishment.

Answer 3:

For handmade products, you can appreciate the value created in time and space. Not only those excellent works, but rough handicrafts should also be recognized. Its significance that people begin to explore the surroundings of life, and have their own unique experience . It calls for your initial curiosity and enthusiasm, allowing you to observe the world with your own eyes. It rejects the attitude of life that is passively accepted by everything.

Answer 4:

Handmade stuff can be seen as a specific decorative style.   Although it is rude to simply categorize many things as “decoration” or “style”, it is easy to understand from this angle: Pursue hand craft work and pursue other decorations. Similar styles – such as the so-called “minimal”, “hip-hop”, “ethnic style”, and the pursuit of the use of natural raw materials, etc, evironmentally friendly, time-consuming and labor-intensive, low reproducible,at the same time, the brand dependence of the craftsman (from the hands of famous people), sometimes has an important impact; 2. DIY’s experience in personally participating in the process, with Great enthusiasm and interest, trust in their own craftsmanship and even pride. In addition, there is a special case: some products may be too expensive due to the limitation of production scale or the mechanization of some operating procedures (but the sales volume is not large) As a result, it is unable to develop into large-scale industrial production; the pursuit of such products is often first of all to the particular product itself,

Answer 5:


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Answer 6:

mind and handmade.

Answer 7:

“The beauty of craftsmanship is the beauty of morality and beauty of nature!” The handicrafts show the experience of the craftsman, the tempering of life and the craftsmanship of the of products

Answer 8:

A simple, natural, original beauty. personalise.

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Answer 9:

The most distinctive of craft products is unique, which is the most direct reason. Handmade is not used for automated production, often more elaborate, and handcrafted in Western countries often represents high quality. Then there is a universal value, and handcrafted in almost all cultures represents luxury.

Answer 10:

To put it bluntly, it is different from the manufacturing of industrial pipelines. It has more value in terms of time alone. As for the goods themselves, I feel that we need individual analysis of specific items.

Answer 11:

Crafts and art, especially the finest of them, are many national treasures, showing a prominent position in the museum. Engraving, bronze, embroidery, ceramics, lacquerware, snails, cloisonne, crystal paintings, etc.  but the high-level products are carefully designed and produced by highly skilled senior technicians. The work reflects the superb skill and the unique personality of the producer, which reflects the creativity of the human body and mind, and is often amazing. There is also the unique texture texture of natural materials

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Answer 12:

In the case of traditional crafts, the handicrafts are more refined than the mechanical, authentic, and the handicrafts making because they add their own ideas and are unique, so they are more precious.

Answer 13

In the subconscious, modern people have the desire to explore the primitive existence of human beings.

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