Driftwood and where to buy it.


Driftwood is found where water meets with the land along the beaches, riverbanks and lake shores. It provides a natural basis that designs of various shapes and sizes can be created. People living around the coast are well aware of the benefit. The quantity of driftwood in any place depends on various things. Decay rates for driftwoods are determined by several factors such as climate and the type of wood.

Accidental fires may also remove driftwood in bulk. There is little wood around the beaches and in towns or cities. Driftwood is becoming an issue of concern nowadays compared to the recent past as a result of catchment modification that is associated with farming and forestry. A huge volume of driftwood on the shores and beaches as a result of large scale deforestation in the country has led to massive effects on the driftwood.
Driftwood has many functions that are of benefit to human beings as a whole. For instance, it is used at home domestically and also for commercial purposes. They can be used to make furniture, do fencing, sculpture and making of other wood designs. Several people are asking themselves questions on where to buy driftwood due to its handful benefits. Driftwood has a significant role in society both as a component of other systems and the ecosystem. It is of great value especially in the coastal region where it is used as a control measure for other factors such as soil erosion and floods. It can be used to design artistic objects of various shapes and textures.

Where to get driftwood

Driftwood is of big importance and can be used to make all sorts of beautiful items such as picture frames, rustic hangers, lamps, candleholders and perfect centrepieces that are usually used in weddings and landscaping focal pieces. The use is endless and is an indication that driftwood is so important. One of the main advantages of buying your own driftwood is that it will cost you a bit lower compared to purchasing a piece of furniture that has already been designed by driftwood.

Individuals should know where to buy driftwood of all sorts of shapes and sizes from the hobby shops, souvenir shops, flea markets, eBay, florists and other online stores. One problem with this is that driftwood can be quite expensive especially if you are ordering through the online stores. This may cost you a lot through the shipping process so it is important to be keen on this and to consider all liabilities before ordering for one.DIY Driftwood is becoming popular in the online market. It is one of the best sites selling driftwood artistic and pieces that are used to make Christmas trees, driftwood balls, candleholders, mirrors and garlands.

Some other places where to buy driftwood is the online store. It is important to consider a few things before buying the driftwood. This could be the type of driftwood and whether you need softwood or hardwood. You can then make a clear order of the same. Hardwood is more marketable compared to softwood as the softwood can contain a resin which is not good for aquarium.

Aquarium driftwood

This kind of driftwood is used for colourful rocks and natural tank decoration.it is more natural and unique.
Benefits of driftwood
Driftwood is perfect for stimulating and maintaining a healthy aquarium ecosystem. It raises the number of bacteria within a tank. The bacteria that is produced here eliminated any waste in the tank.
It helps in boosting the immune systems of the fish. When it’s added to the tank it releases tannins which creates a slightly acidic environment.
It enhances the creation of natural habitat for your fish.
One of the other benefits of driftwood is its aesthetic design. The best driftwood can make the tank to be awesome and change the entire look of the tank.

Types of driftwood

There are various types of driftwood that are available in the market. It comes in different shapes and sizes depending on the nature of its use. These are;
• Bonsai driftwood.
• Mopani driftwood.
• Malaysian driftwood.
• Spider driftwood.
• Cholla driftwood.
• Rosewood roots.
• Buttonwood.
• Mesquite driftwood.

How to cure driftwood

• Use stiff bristles to brush it then rinse the wood with water.
• Scrub the driftwood using non-iodized salt then rinse it with water.
• Soak the driftwood in water for about one or two weeks. This will make the driftwood to saturate and remove tannins.
• Monitor any changes on the colour of the wood on a regular basis
• Once the colour of the water doesn’t change for a number of days. It is an indication that the curing process done.
Where to find the cheapest driftwood
Driftwood can be found on the beaches, riverbanks, edges of the lakes and near the swamps. Most of the people have a negative thought on this that such kind of driftwood is not the quality yet this is more original.

Driftwood can be removed from the riverbanks especially in the morning, afternoon or evening after a major store. You should be aware of the protected areas around the coastal region when looking for driftwood alone.

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