The 10 best marketplace to sell handmade items online

As a seller of hand craft work, you must find a more professional platform to sell your own products. The following is a Top10 online craft e-commerce platform, which may be helpful to people who love handicrafts

1, Etsy

The first is naturally the most famous handmade craft platform: Etsy.

Today, Etsy has more than 54 million members and 25 million shoppers. Sellers can create their own stores here, upload product images, and communicate directly with buyers – no middlemen.

Commission: 3.5%, and a $0.20 listing fee.

2, Handmade Amazon

This is one of the best handicraft work sales platforms. However, if you want to sell here, the seller’s products must comply with Amazon’s regulations on handmade stuff.

The platform provides telephone and technical support to sellers to help solve problems.

Commission: 15%, minimum commission is $1.

3, ArtFire

Artfire is for sellers who don’t have much time to sell. It will help sellers share products to popular search engines and provide other promotional tools. In addition, the platform is optimized for mobile devices.

Artfire even has an online forum where you can get inspiration from other sellers or share your own products.

Commission: $20 per month, 3% commission per product.

4, SuperMarket

SuperMarket is the ideal choice for high-end independent designers.

If you are looking for a simple and clear interface to showcase your handmade products, SuperMarket is the best platform. Its home page is sorted by product, making it easy for customers to find your product.

The platform also runs a great blog that helps sellers get a better idea of ​​buying and selling handicraft art

Commission: 15%

5, DaWanda

DaWanda is also one of the best arts and handicrafts platforms, and the home page shows some of the hottest products.

There are also different stores on its home page, as well as a list of products recommended by the platform.

It takes only 2 minutes for the seller to create a store and then talk directly to the buyer.

Commission: 9.5%, plus various listing fees.

6, Cargoh

Cargoh is a well-planned online store that offers promotional tools and sellers can track data.

It also has a blog to help you understand the ideas of other sellers and see which products are more popular.

Commission: There is no charge for opening a store, only 10% commission.

7, Zibbet

Zibbet offers a variety of store themes and “independent websites” where sellers can sell products.

It also allows sellers to create their own coupon codes and provide statistical analysis of the data so that sellers can determine which products should offer more coupons.

Commission: No commission, 50 products per month for $4, and any number of products for $8 per month.

8, iCraft Gifts

iCraft Gifts is a global online platform dedicated to selling art, crafts and fashion crafts.

It also has blogs and forum message boards that provide endless ideas for seller sales and marketing.

Commission: The registration fee is $25, with 3 different subscription options, and a minimum of $5 for 50 products.

9, Bonanza

Bonanza is the best online platform for selling handmade jewellery, handbags and even homemade beauty products.

It is committed to creating a “one-click” sales experience that pre-paid advertising costs for sellers and does not charge any fees until the transaction is completed. Bonanza also offers a free trial version for sellers.

Sellers can directly import product information from Etsy, Amazon and other platforms to Bonanza.

Commission: No listing fee, 3.5% base commission.

10, ShopHandmade

The website is easy to use, has the ability to search by price, and displays popular products and recently published products on the homepage.

Commission: The platform provides a “pay what you can” charging system, and the seller decides the commission. Sellers can place items without paying any fees.

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