Little timber creatures

Have you ever wanted to experience wildlife from the comfort of your home? to feel like one with nature without the need of venturing out into a quiet forest in the middle of nowhere, if so, why not consider carved woodland creatures? Wood carved animals make a great addition to any household, they provide a peaceful environment and so much detailed craftswork that will beautify even the most dull living rooms. These carved creatures come in all types, shapes and sizes, from your ordinary tiny moose model, to your huge life-sized bengal tiger sculpture, all these choices make it all the more fun while choosing which model to buy or carving one on your own.

Wood carved animals are a great option if you wish to create a more wildlife rich environment in your own home, this brings about many advantages and is much better than other similar options such as keeping pets or live stuffed figures, this is because;

  1. These carved animals are made entirely of wood, this brings about a harmonic and organic nature to your house, thus bringing about inner peace and tranquility.
  2. Carved animals are a much better choice than buying and stuffing real wild animals, this is because they are completely eco-friendly and do not damage the animals whatsoever.
  3. They are preferred over keeping pets, pets at home come with a lot of responsibility, including caring to their basic needs and wants, if you’d like to own a pet for the fun of the challenge, then go ahead. However, if you don’t want the responsibility that comes with them, it’s best to consider carved animals, afterall, they don’t eat, excrete or do anything really.

When confronting Wood carved animals you are usually faced with two distinct choices; either buying them or carving them by yourself if you own a garage or a basic tool shed, most people opt for buying them from a local wood or thrift shop, few however, choose to take matters into their own hands and make them on their own, albeit, wood carving can be pretty fun and resourceful, it can be quite difficult to make in unexperienced hands, that is why these things are usually best left for the proffesionals to handle, if your’e a beginner and wish to design your own wooden animal carving but don’t know where to start, here’s a bit of advice:

  • Start out small, your’e not gonna make a huge sculpture right from the very beginning, so make sure your model is small and realistic, preferablly containing no sharp edges or intricate details, this will make it easier for you to carve the wooden animal while making few mistakes
  • Ensure you have the proper tools at hand (no, a kitchen knife and strong willpower aren’t enough). A wooden model usually requires the basic carving tools and wood chisels, as well as the proper eye protection wear and gloves for safety.
  • Trace all your models before attempting to carve them, also, acquire a proper template to start your work from. Remember, you aren’t going to create wonders on your first try, it takes lots of practice to carve the perfect model, as your skill increases so does the quaality of your wood carved animals.

Carving out wooden animals will soon be easier than you originally thought, if you have the proper tools and are willing to spend your time and test your patience, you can create beautiful masterpieces in your own garage.

Wood carved animals are sure to make any room they inhabit all the more mysterious and cozy. Whether you buy them from a store or make them on your own, you can’t deny the fact that they make wonderful artistic sculptures that go well wiht any household layout, animal carvings have been in high demand and have had quite an influence over the centuries when viewed from a histrical perspective, wood animal carving is considered to be one of the oldest art traditions of mankind, they were carved by many ancient civilizations for use of aesthetics as well as shrines. In conclusion, wood carved animals make an excellent choice if you wish to add that ‘zen’ aspect to your room or house, they also make ideal housewarming gifts and are loved by all.


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