Dramatic horse driftwood sculpture

horse driftwood sculpture

How to make driftwood horse sculptures? Today we gana to share with you some driftwood artwork from British artistst Heather-Janes —the sculpture made of driftwood with the size of a real horse. From a distance, there is almost no difference between these sculpture horses and real horses. It seems that the horse just wandering at beach ,when  look closer. Their body made of rafted driftwood gives a strong visual shock, the sense of strength of the muscle shape and the sensation of the sap wood make people feel infinitely thinking.

Heather-Janes was born in Essex, England in 1948, and studied art in London when she was young. Originally painting, later began to engage in sculpture creation. She is now working on driftwood sculptures in a small seaside village in Devon, England.

Heather has been engaged in the creation of bronze sculptures, an occasional opportunity for her to start the creation of driftwood sculptures. “One day my son took some ivy from the fence of the yard to make fire for the fireplace, and fell a dead wood. It is very much like a part of a horse, which inspired my inspiration.” Heather Janes had a special liking for the horse since she was a child. The dead wood like a horse leg made her decide to use this material to create the Horse which in her brain. “Where can I get so many similar materials, I suddenly thought of driftwood by the sea.” Heather-Janes often went to the beach, especially after the storm, to pick up driftwood, and then came back to sculpture into a horse. She first sorted out the driftwood that could be used, then made a contour with a steel frame and fixed the corresponding driftwood.
Heather is currently engaged in the creation of driftwood for three years, creating more than 100 sculptures, mainly horses, in addition to driftwood deer and character sculptures.

Let’s have a look on her impressive artworks

horse driftwood sculpture

large driftwood sculpture (3)

driftwood sculpture (1)


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