Handmade Art: Creativity with Value

In this mass production “crank it out quickly” world we live in, there is a remnant of artisans and craftsman that understand the value of offering handmade items that are original pieces of work. These art objects are often inspired by a personal story, coupled with a passion to produce a well-made product. Homemade or handcrafted artworks, no matter what the medium, offer an original expression by the hand-crafter that can never be recreated by another. From a meticulously hand stitched quilt top to a original piece of of an iron metal wall hanging, the aesthetic and monetary value of such decorative and exquisite creations cannot be ignored. Additionally, the presence of people with such home industries benefits the communities they live in, for individuals and groups alike.

Imaginative and innovative items made by hand are found in numerous genres of art. For example, handmade art in wood crafting will satisfy the person who desires an original art piece to enhance their home. Not only will a creative piece be a conversation starter for your guests , viewers will also appreciate the artistry and ability revealed in handmade products, along with the artistic elements of form, color, engravings and special finishes. For example, tables made by an artistic carpenter can add beautiful form and function to a dining room or backyard setting. Individual style can also be communicated in the inventive designs of chairs, bookcases, chiffoniers or dressers. Home decorators are always on the look out for unusually home crafted works to present to their clients in order to add the perfect accent, combining them with the overall theme of an individual statement of style in a person’s home. Unique paintings, sculpture, glass work, and other home décor pieces are sought out consistently by interior designers seeking new and rare creations for their clientele.

The possibilities for the consumer to express themselves with design choices are endless.

Handmade shops providing high quality handcrafted products keep alive the purity of the innovative spirit that occurs in an artisan’s project. Often the buyer can talked personally with the artist, understanding the inspirations his or her work. The relating of the story of each creation add to its richness, establishing a permanent sentimental connection between owner and art piece. An owner of handmade art has the satisfaction of knowing they are a keeper of the artist’s “voice”, showing it forth to others to appreciate and enjoy. The value of the story of how a piece is dreamed of, planned, and produced cannot be overestimated. A collector of vintage quilts will be quick to tell you that the value of a quilt correlates directly to the historical information that comes with it, whether from written notes, or annotations directly communicated on the quilt itself. These “back stories” add the depth and poignancy to each created piece of homemade art, no matter what kind it is..

An important benefit of purchasing homemade products is how doing so can involve and effect many people in a community. This results in people becoming acquainted with one another and building supporting relationships. One article states “businesses, schools, and churches partner together” to share their crafts and earn funds for charitable events. For instance, quality craft fairs and bazaars sponsored by cities add a positive environment for intergenerational groups, allowing the passing down of skills and knowledge in the art of crafting. Another positive effect is how a community can be helping itself economically if it buys American home crafted goods. Every time a product that is made by an artisan is purchased, it supports job creation in the local community. We’ve all become more aware once each year, traditionally around the December holidays, when buying from local business is promoted and encouraged. One can do this the entire year by seeking out owners of shops that supply originally made items from producers in the cities and counties they live in.
As you can clearly see, the positive effects and impacts made by shopping for and purchasing homemade arts and crafts is clear. The opportunity to own and display an original piece of art from numerous medium types is available with these purchases. A positive impact by consumers in their personal lives and in their communities is another big plus that helps everyone involved, so everyone wins.

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