The 3 best wall decor ideas for living room

wood artwork for walls

Wall decoration is an important part of home design. It not only brings visual pleasure, but also has practical functions. The different spaces in the home have different requirements for the wall design, so the decorative protagonists in each space are naturally different. Your own paintings, family photos, and small items with special features can all be the protagonists of wall decoration, making your home’s wall uniqu

Driftwood as one of most natural materials,Due to its unique,simple,retro and easy reshape features, driftwood wall art now become more and more popular for the living room decor,now come with us to see what the driftwood can bring magic visual to our home.

1.Driftwood wall hanging

Driftwood can be made into animals head by aritist, usually many people prefer to wooden deer head as animals wall mount, also with wide range choice for wall decor,like haning plant container and picture frame

all of them can make your home Chic, vigor, elegant, natural.

animal head decor

2.Driftwood wall clock

This type of wall clock art can also put on desk ,to make it more special and beauty , can also put ambient Light on it which can make it brighting on evening.

wooden wall hanging

3.Driftwood wall shelf

wooden wall stand

After viewing ,guess you may love one of these three driftwood wall decor

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