Make incredible driftwood wall art with absolute ease!

Addition of driftwood touches on the walls can give your pretty home an amazing coastal vibe. This driftwood wall art is an easy and an inexpensive way to decorate your home.
The artists who typically just produce driftwood wall decor and driftwood wall art create anything from woodwork complementing your furniture to simple driftwood wall hangings using these beach findings. The thing is these decor items can be made easily with a few simple techniques. Driftwood can be found at many happy places, take Maryland and Annapolis for instance, you will find numerous driftwood pieces, which you can treasure and pile up for your Driftwood wall hangings and wall decorations. You can find amazingly interesting pieces on the ocean beaches and riverbanks, especially near the shoreline, which allows accumulation.

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If you’re making the decoration items yourself, here is a simple guide for your help.
Once you have gathered these treasured lovelies, you need to prep a little for getting absolutely ready to turn these raw beauties into pretty pieces for your home. The following need to be understood before you start creating your masterpieces-

• Give your treasured driftwood a good hosing off. The thing you need to remember is to not get tempted by the use of washer for this purpose as the power washer will remove the grain to a larger extent and hence that lovely patina from the sand of the sea will be drifted away.
• Secondly, you need to remove any piece of bark, mud, critters ad decay by a paint can opener, as it works the best for this purpose.
• Every perfect thing is flawed, but for that you need to smoothen the jagged edges (if present) by a sandpaper and grease. This leaves your driftwood piece in its natural shape that is perfect for your Driftwood wall art.
• Get a sponge for this step, as the scrubby side of the sponge will give your work piece the final polish and will clean off any dirt particles.
• Lay your lovely pieces in the direct sunlight for at least two days, flipping the sides once. This will reduce the drying time and will lighten the wood a bit. And then you get your beautifully handcrafted driftwood piece!

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There might be times that you find such an exquisite piece that by doing the above steps, you’ll find it as an amazing decoration piece. But if you wish to make new things out of the driftwood like suppose driftwood wall hangings or maybe jewelry, then here’s a list.

If you find your neck pieces to be tangled forever, and you want something to be made with a ton of hooks and at the same time wouldn’t take a lot of your table top space, then this is the best thing for you. You just need to tie a leather cord for the hangings and screw in it some hooks and voila!

If you found a hollow piece, then you get some battery operated LED lights and wrap it as a string or even insert them into that hole. It makes an amazing wall art and you can hang it anywhere you want to.

You can paint over it or sand over the image after the paint is dried. It will give the look of a washed up on the shore look!

You can be creative with this one like adding candles or maybe flowers as per your party theme. You can also group together similar pieces with a twine.

If you have a piece with a flat side, then you can add the words as of beach signs like “Welcome to the Coast”, etc. on the flat side

Add a mini painting, some color, glitters and other bobbles. Drill a small hole in your wood at the top and add a screw hook to it. Hang it on your wall as a beautiful driftwood wall hanging.

It looks amazingly cute to put a piece of driftwood as storage in the firewood place. Just make sure no one lights it unknowingly.

Driftwood floats very well, which makes it perfect for keys. A chippy paint look and beach colored paints will give you the desired look for your floating keychain.

If you feel this is too much for you to handle, then you can always buy incredible driftwood wall art from any artists online and from the stores as well. But if you wish to start being creative, you just need to take a walk on the beach!

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