The driftwood design I saw nature and childhood

I like it because I saw nature and childhood

Encounters with nature and childhood
I deeply remember that when I saw it for the first time, the shock was just because it reminded me of the past. It turned out that I still had such a free, happy and romantic childhood. It turns out that there are the seeds of nature buried deep in my bones, I love everything in nature deeply, and I breathe the taste of nature with greed, and the source of this lies in this driftwood deer exuding natural gas.
A gift from nature

The concept of driftwood originated in the Philippines. It is wood drifting on the sea due to specific geographical environment and time and space factors. Some European and American merchants used its distinctive texture to process them into artworks. Later this artistic concept was introduced into China. This is the prototype of driftwood. Due to the extreme scarcity of driftwood, it is now possible to legally collect wood (kemu, pine, fir, etc.) from deep mountains and rivers and process it into driftwood. It is also recognized as a driftwood artwork by European and American merchants internationally. Wood is the precipitation of time, and every inch of time, a piece of driftwood artwork is not only a gift from nature, but also a testimony of historical growth rings.

Take nature as the medium and inspiration as the source
The design concept of the Drifting Wood Deer series is derived from the various forms of nature’s elk, either dynamic or static. The combination of specific dynamics and abstract hand-made expressions gives the deer a unique aura. The lifelike dynamics seem to come out at the same time, the vague sense of distance, and the feeling of being on the scene.

Driftwood is not exquisite, nor expensive, it is more like a wood wise man who has experienced the vicissitudes of life and tasted the ups and downs, simple and unpretentious, like an epee without a front. The production of deer is made purely by hand with a nail gun, one shot at a time, just like the journey of life step by step, and this is the realm of great work.
With deer as companion, naturally at home
In today’s intelligent digitalization, technology has comprehensively improved our food, clothing, shelter, and transportation, but we need to search for our spiritual needs. Not to mention that the deer is a mascot that occupies a place in Chinese culture. I think that by keeping it at home, when I come back from get off work every day, I can feel a sense of tranquility. I can think of the happiness of being with nature when I was a child. , Can smell the extremely light woody fragrance in the room, can feel the natural kiss. Finally, I have to share these with my lover and the children

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