12 best driftwood decor ideas

driftwood wall art

Want to decorate your home with driftwood but don’t know where to start? Then you should take a look at this article for reference, the 14 best driftwood decor ideas,  both simple and retro

1. Natural wood frames

natural wood frames

2.Wooden plant pot holder

wooden plant pot holder

Log home interiors can definitely be regarded as the hottest home decoration in recent years. The nature of natural makes them popular, keeping the wood in its original state. It can be used as both a simple bookcase and pretty wood frame. Corrosive hollows make the wood also bring the beauty of natural rock and stone, and it is extremely eye-catching

3.Long wood candle holder

long wood candle holder

4.Driftwood wall art

driftwood wall art

Whether it’s a wood candlestick holder or an ornament, with the breath of nature, the chic creativity reflects the tension of life. It is also a good choice to be a retro style mounted coat rack. The combination of natural and modern, the beauty is  impressive.

5. Driftwood animals

6.Table ornaments

desk ornaments

All types of wood can be decorated in any interior style. If you want to make your home more stylish and more eye-catching, then you need to add some wooden decorations. Take a look at these cool floating wood DIY vintage decorations, just add a little energy and add a little imagination to change your home decoration

7.Decorative wall hooks for hanging

wooden wall coat rack

8.Hanging picture frame

hanging picture frame

Small driftwood can be combined into natrual wood frame or stuffed into a driftwood vase. The decorations are also good. some driftwoods come from abandoned old ships, so keeping track of all the years will make the driftwood look more vicissitudes.

9. Drfitwood vase

wooden vases for sale

10.Animal head wall art

animal head decor

The strangely shaped wood has another unique life. There is a special feeling of being made into a home decoration. The surface is visually a natural and simple feeling, but the touch feel is smooth and soft. This sensory contrast creates a simple and minimalist style.

11.Natural driftwood picture frames

cheap wooden photo frames

12.Large floor standing ornaments

driftwood horse

Nature,and it has become the main style of modern home decoration. And this kind of ornament that preserves the original features of the tree has become the crowning touch of this style. I never thought about the logs that wandered on the water, they became the icing on the cake.


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